Western men appear to have a skewed perception of marrying Asian women, especially marrying a Filipina women. Fantasy of meek Asian women often leads western men into risky decisions when deciding on the Filipina woman they wish to marry.  While many factors contribute when a marriage between a British, American or Australian man and a Filipina work or fail, the factors discussed below appear to have greatest impact.

No Divorce in the Philippines

This is the most important aspect of marriages in the Philippines. The country being the largest Christian country in Asia, has strong laws and social taboos towards divorce. If a marriage fails in the Philippines, the woman will be at an obvious disadvantage since the process to be legally divorced is tedious, costly and often favors men over women in the court. Most separated women in the Philippines prefer to remain separated instead of filing for divorce in the court. For the same reason, they say “there is no divorce in the Philippines”. This very factor makes Filipina women extremely cautious when deciding on a marriage proposal. They virtually get only one chance and they would do everything to avoid faltering on it.

Faithfulness is Essential

Filipino women are known for their strict faithfulness to their marriage partners. Once married to a man, she will do everything to honor her marital status and expect the same from her husband. She will stick to her man through ups and downs of life. Their loyalty and love for their life partners is unmatched. It’s important that a foreigner realize the level of commitment it takes to stay committed to a Filipina woman and how essential is faithfulness in lasting a marriage.

Not just Filipina but Family too

While you may marry a single person in the west, in the Philippines it’s always marrying into a family. Family and family values are central to a Filipina woman. She expects her husband to build friendly relations with her family members and stand by them at every important social occasion. Filipina women do not marry in isolation from their families and often seek their parents approval when accepting a marriage proposal.

Patience and Persistance is the Key

In the Filipino culture, people tend to be quite thoughtful when making as critical decisions as about marriages. Many foreigners come to the country with a mindset of picking the girl, luring her to future prospects of living abroad and marrying her by the end of trip. Such a rash approach is a sure recipe for unsuccessful marriages. Most Filipino women will take time before agreeing to marry a man. They like to test and prove the love of their suitor over and over to avoid any complications later. For a successful marriage in the Philippines, the love should take its root, germinate, grow, simmer in the sun and bear the fruit. It takes time and patience to go that far.

Don’t be in Hurry

Since love takes plenty of time to sow and grow, don’t enter any verbal agreement or promise to marry while visiting your Filipina girl friend on a short trip to the Philippines. Meeting your intended life partner for a few times for a few days does not reveal enough to make a careful decision. No bond is built in 10-20 days long trips. The longer time a man spends with her Filipina girl friend, the less are the chances he will end up marrying a woman not of his preference.